KT-323f JINRAI SERIES Desktop Army - Frame Arms Girl

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Assorted according to maker's rate from 4 types. Desktop Army presents volume 4 of the popular collaboration with Frame Arms Girl which is "Jinrai Series". Humikane Shimada original illustrations are used as the main visual and accurately recreated for the 4 types of these cute figures. The unequipped figure bodies are 80mm tall and have rich variations provided by the included equipment and facial expression parts. Also the Blade Unit included randomly at a 1/4 rate can be put together to complete the large shuriken "Quad Edge Unit" which is newly designed by Takayuki Yanase. The parts feature hard points making it compatible with other figures in the series, and the variation of armaments is infinite! Have your own private mini army take over you desk today! Lineup: [Jinrai] Akagake (w/suprised facial expression) [Jinrai] Akakage Mode-B (w/injured facial expression) [Jinrai] Aikage (w/half-asleep facial expression) [Jinrai] Aikage Mode-B (w/sleeping facial expression)
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Brand: Megahouse
Series: Frame Arms Girl

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