Hi everyone! There have been many changes going on in the industry, some old and some new, that have been brought to our attention. We wish to address them in this post. Our wish is to let customers know that we are both aware of these changes, are working to address them, and to alleviate any concerns customers may have to the best of our abilities.

🐘 First let's tackle the elephant in the room. A lot of people are concerned (rightfully so) regarding their orders due to the recent news of two of the more well-known Anime Figure stores (Ukiyo Kumo and Connexe Toys) filing for bankruptcy and/or closing down. We are very sorry to hear that a lot of people who have ordered preordered from these stores are not able to get their refund. While we only heard about this from customers and social media, we cannot confirm this but we hope that these stores will try their best to do right with their customers.

💎As for us, we do not have any plans to close down in the near future. Pre-orders with us that we are unable to fulfill due to manufacturer cancellations, we will refund in full. Items that were delayed AND that we still have coming in, we will try to fulfill them. While we do not know the exact reasons the two stores mentioned above (as well as various other stores) are closing, we do have a pretty good idea. Customers that have been following us closely may have known that from JAN 2023, we have started making a lot of changes. From MAY23 to now (AUG 2023) our support has been lacking due to the majority of our effort being concentrated to dealing with the delays and course correcting to that we don't fall into the same pitfalls that other stores have encountered. While there is still more work to be done, it's safe to say that we have avoided the majority of the pitfalls.

📧 Regarding email support and DM messages. We have been getting a huge increase in the number of messages and emails, and with our limited staff we are unable to keep up with all the replies. It also didn't help that the mailbox had issues due to the increase. We are trying our best to get to all of them and we sincerely apologize to anyone whose emails we haven't gotten to yet. We suspect that this increase is due to everyone worrying about their orders due to other stores closing and people being left bewildered. We understand your concern and wish to know the status of your orders.

🌧Regarding the continued delays. While we had expected to be all caught up with the delays, unfortunately we are only about 80% there. For people who have been following and know of the cause of the delays (mentioned in a post back on JAN 2023 and on our website), the sudden closure of two of the big name stores actually made it a lot worse. Our shipment that was for AUG got pushed back to after SEPT. We had previously said we would be caught up by the end of AUG 2023 but unfortunately that doesn't seem to be the case now.

❌Regarding Cancellations. As mentioned previously, we will refund in full any items that have been cancelled by the manufacturer or distributor. There have been a few such cases during these past months, and we have been/are refunding everyone who ordered these items. However, we are spacing out the refunds so as to not to let it negatively impact the business. We will refund ALL items that have been cancelled, it just takes a bit of time since we want to avoid what happened with the other stores.

💧For customers that want to cancel items that are delayed and are still coming in. We ask that you give us a bit more time. However, if you must cancel with us, we will oblige. If your order with us has items that are in stock, we will ship it out and cancel the item that we don't have. There will still be a 10% cancellation fee for the processing cost. Since we still have to eat the cost of the item when it comes in, as mentioned above, refunds will be spaced out. We appreciate your understanding regarding the matter.

🌟Regarding new pre-orders and/or the lack thereof. As many may have noticed, we have not been posting a lot of new preorder items or not the comprehensive list as we did before. We are still trying to figure out what we can and should put up for preorder, that falls in line with our core principles and business ethics. There has been a huge price discrepancy, for example 1/4 Bunny Scale Figure is being sold at $400+ while the MRSP should only be $300. Unfortunately, no one is able to offer it at that price due to the cost of the item being closer to $400.

While we can offer it for preorder at $400+, and most likely still get sales for it. It goes against the core principle of doing honest business. We do not feel comfortable selling it at that price. Until we find a happy medium that won't compromise our business integrity and our business health, we will refrain from offering such items from certain brands.

👨‍👩‍👧‍👦Glacier Hobbies is a small locally owned family business with a few dedicated employees. We don't have the huge capital or the big name pull to make big changes in the industry. What we do have is our principles and the way that we conduct business, which has landed us some connections and allowed us to work with some of the core businesses in the industry. We cannot make big changes, but we are making changes and constantly improving, it just takes a bit of time.

❤️ End❤️
We do not deny that we have faults in the delay, but we have made great strides in fixing the problem on our side, and are not just waiting to have the rest of the items shipped. We plan to stay in business for a long time and your trust is important to us to fulfill that goal. We appreciate the trust everyone has in us and we will do our best to live up to that trust.

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