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RASER+ (Plus) - Glacier Hobbies - GunPrimer

RASER+ (Plus)

R A S E R +HEAVY DUTY GATE REMOVER Super-Nano TechnologyMaterial: Tempered GlassSize: 20*65*5mm   RASER + is a sanding tool specialized for removing gates. It has a power of 220...
Gate Remover Set - Glacier Hobbies - GunPrimer

Gate Remover Set

GATE REMOVER SET is a revolutionary product which reformed the conventional concept of gate-mark removing methods. It's GUNPRIMER's all time best seller and widely used by modelers worldwide since it's...
GodHand Ultimate Nipper 5.0 SPN-120 - Glacier Hobbies - GodHand

GodHand Ultimate Nipper 5.0 SPN-120

Ultra thin single edged! Ultimate Sharpness!  Ultimate nipper is designed for the gate cut by pursuing the ultimate cut. The ultimate nipper consists of the cutting blade and the single edged...
Balancer (White) - Glacier Hobbies - GunPrimer

Balancer (White)

BALANCER (White)GLOSS POLISHERUltra-Fine Abrasive Includes 3 per pack ​BALANCER WHITE is a gloss polisher made with premium grade ultra-fine abrasives which can effortlessly produce a super glossy surface. This fast...
Balancer (Gray) - Glacier Hobbies - GunPrimer

Balancer (Gray)

BALANCER GRAYSCRATCH REMOVER M620 Technology Abrasive Includes 3 per pack ​BALANCER GRAY is a special polisher developed with a proprietary technology called M620 which can produce up to 2000 grit...
RASER Origin (v1.5) + Bonus Balancer [LIMITED] - Glacier Hobbies - GunPrimer

RASER Origin (v1.5) + Bonus Balancer [LIMITED]

RASER v1.5GATE REMOVER​Super-Nano TechnologyMaterial: Tempered GlassSize : 11*90*3mmThe name RASER is derived from combining the two words GATE + ERASER. It's a new concept of sanding tools that leaves no...
Raser The Black - Glacier Hobbies - GunPrimer

Raser The Black

The RASER series is GUNPRIMER's premium flagship sanding tools. RASER THE BLACK is a premium sanding handle designed with productivity and aesthetics in mind for high precision sanding for experts. ...
GodHand Normal Nipper PN-125 - Glacier Hobbies - GodHand

GodHand Normal Nipper PN-125

“Nipper PN-125” is a standard nipper. “Nipper PN-125” does not have any special specs, but it is an “all-purpose nipper ” for everyone to use in any occasion. Use with...
GunPrimer Recover - Glacier Hobbies - GunPrimer

GunPrimer Recover

RECOVERSEMI-GLOSS POLISHERTwill Weave Technology Material: Functional fabric (Poly + Cotton)Size : 90*90mm x 2RECOVER is a finish touch-up polisher to restore the original gloss level of plastic parts. It polishes...
Joint Guard for Plastic Models - Glacier Hobbies - GunPrimer

Joint Guard for Plastic Models

GunPrimer presents the Joint Guard. These easy to peel off and sticky pieces can be attached to the joints of plastic models to keep them rigid and firm. With these...
Mr. Cutting Mat Size A3 - Glacier Hobbies - GSI Creo

Mr. Cutting Mat Size A3

●Introducing a cutting mat; another must-have item for building scale models.●The contrast of the black and white color enhances its visual clarity.●The lines on the mat can be seen through...
Mr. Easy Nipper - Glacier Hobbies - GSI Creo

Mr. Easy Nipper

This is a nail clipper type simple nipper set, so you can cut lightly with it using the power of leverage. It is most suitable for people who are just...