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Medabot KWBT05C Saikaschis (Saikachi) - Glacier Hobbies - Kotobukiya

Medabot KWBT05C Saikaschis (Saikachi)

KBT05-C Saikachis is a kabuto-type robot and one of the main Medarots in the Medarot 3 and Medarot 4 games, while also making an appearance in the more recent installations...
Medabot KWG05-C DORCUS (Roks) - Glacier Hobbies - Kotobukiya

Medabot KWG05-C DORCUS (Roks)

The successor of Rokusho and KWG-type Medarot, Dorcus joins the lineup! This model kit not only recreates the appearance of Dorcus, but also includes a special feature where users can...
Medabot KXK00-M Cross Messiah - Glacier Hobbies - Kotobukiya

Medabot KXK00-M Cross Messiah

The main Medarot from Medarot S is joining Kotobukiya’s plastic model kit lineup! The Kabuto x Kuwagata-type Medarot, CROSSMESSIAH, is the 11th model from the series to join the lineup....
Medabot KWG06-C Tyrrell Beetle - Glacier Hobbies - Kotobukiya

Medabot KWG06-C Tyrrell Beetle

The imposing TYRRELL BEETLE Medabot is here! Each part of the Medabot’s silhouette is accurately recreated, and the model can also Medachange into “Mighty Reckless Mode.” The model comes with...