HG 1/144 Gunbarrel Dagger

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[HG SEED MSV 1/144] GAT-01A1+AQM/E-X04 Gunbarrel Dagger

A GAT-01A1 Dagger (aka 105 Dagger) variant that is piloted by the "Moonlight Mad Dog", Morgan Chevalier. The Gunbarrel Dagger mounts the AQM/E-X04 Gunbarrel Striker as a Striker Pack, granting the suit usage of wire-guided gunbarrel pods (which could only be controlled by one with high spatial awareness, like Morgan) and perhaps the Striker's Gatling gun, in addition to the Dagger's standard weaponry.

Additional Information

Brand: Bandai
Series: Mobile Suit Gundam SEED
Scale: 1/144th Scale