HG 1/60 Arbelest Ver. IV

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[HG 1/60] ARX-7 Arbelest Ver. IV

1/60 Version of the new Arbalest in the slice of life sci-fi military anime “full metal panic! Invisible victory.” created by Kane take Bikeway, the same mechanical designer behind the gun dam Exia, the Arbalest showcases Bandai's model Tech applied to non-Gun dam robots giving it great range of motion to perform poses as if it were a human. The Arbalest employs military themed armaments such as the “Boxer” 57mm scattershot rifle, GRAW-2 Monomolecular cutter combat knife that can be mounted on the face, and a new modular customizable weapon platform designed by Bikeway exclusively for the model kit versino, the Graz Mannlicher AWS2000. Arbalest’s AWS unit features a LDW (light defense weapon) load out. Arbalest’s special Lambda driver activation is recreated through the use of part swapping, and can be displayed with the sold separately figure-rise effect aura (BAN212971). all weapons between the arm slaves are compatible with each other. Runner x13, Foil sticker, instruction manual

Additional Information

Brand: Bandai
Series: Full Metal Panic! Invisible Victory
Scale: 1/60th Scale