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Gundam Marker SEED Set (6 Markers)

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Gundam Markers work as an easy alternative to brush painting. Each gundam marker has paint inside that are design to go directly on the plastic mode. Gundam markers come in various size and colors make them perfect for small detailing to paint whole parts. To use the markers, the pen needs to be shaken so that the paint inside is mixed and then pressing down on the marker time several times to allow the paint to flow through the pen nip. Since Gundam Markers are basically like paint, sometimes they need to be coating a few times for and even looking paint job. It is recommended to let the paint cure for a few hours and topcoat it.

Gundam Marker SEED Set (6 Markers)

  • GM40 - SEED Red
  • GM41 - SEED Yellow
  • GM42 - SEED White
  • GM43 - SEED Blue
  • GM44 - SEED Gray
  • GM45 - SEED Dark Blue
Additional Information

Brand: GSI Creo
Series: Gundam Marker