Son Goku (New Package) Figure-rise Standard

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[Figure-rise Standard] Son Goku

Figure-rise Standard Son Goku has a renewed new box design. Goku trained for the decisive battle with Android appeared! Build the muscle! - Facial expression parts are included with 3 types of facial expressions: “Normal”, “Anger” and “Smile”! Goku battle, as well as the usual innocent Gokou can be reproduced! - Kamehameha parts are included in the effect parts with new modeling! A series of movements of Kamehameha can be reproduced! [accessories] 4 types of hand parts (6: grip, open, momentary movement, hand sword * greeting) Kamehameha (Pump) effect Kamehameha (Emission) effect 3 facial expressions (normal, screaming, smiling)

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Brand: Glacier Hobbies
Series: Dragon Ball Z

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