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Hello, Thank you for inquiry. Support is currently backed up due to the delays coming in. We are currently receiving all delays from 2021-2022 in by the end of August. If your item has the release date between those time frames, it will come in soon. You can also check the release date for products on the product page. To better help you and assist you as quickly as we can, please read the following:

Please put the following in the subject line corresponding with our inquiry:

[Status] - for order status, such as when an order will ship. Please also include your order number so we look up your order faster.
Example: [Status] Order 10564

[Question] - for questions regarding certain products such product inquiries.
Example: [Question] Does item xxxx come with xxxx parts?

[Cancel] - For cancellation of your order. There is a 10% cancellation fee for canceling your order if the order has been made over 24 hours ago. If you order has multiple items in it that are in-stock purchases as well as preorder, you can request for us to send you the in-stock items we have on hold for you and waive the cancellation fee. Please also include the order number. Please note that by emailing a cancellation request, you are agreeing to the cancellations fee, we will proceed to cancel your order in the order that it came in. Refund will take 3-5 business days.
Example: [Cancel] Order 9806

[Price] - For price matching. Please include the item you wish to price match (must be in-stock) as well as the place you wish for us to price match the item with. Please note we only price match with reputable in-stock US-Base sellers. For Amazon price match, the item must be "Ship and Sold" by Amazon.
Example: [Price] MG 1/100 RX-78 Gundam 3.0

[Other] - for inquiries other than those mention above such as partnership inquiries, solicitations, questions about policies, information regarding future events, etc.
Example: [Other] Can I sign up to be an affiliate?

The system will automatically sort out emails base on the subject line tag. We will not be answering any emails that does not have the corresponding subject line tag. This will also help ensure that your email does not accidentally get sent to spam. Sincerely, Glacier Hobbies

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